This is not a woman

“I say this woman. Holderlin, Mallarme, and all poets whose theme is the essence of poetry have felt that the act of naming is disquieting and marvelous. A word may give me its meaning, but first it suppresses it. For me to be able to say, “This woman”, I must somehow take her flesh and blood reality away from her, cause her to be absent, annihilate her.”
Maurice Blanchot-negation and the absence of language

Women have always been recognized by certain criteria through history. By their beauty, attraction, and sexiness which have been described by some characteristics. As Blanchot says the word “woman” gives a certain meaning to a human being. A creature that is much more than what world known her to be. “This is not a woman” series aim to show a new eroticism, to delete a woman as we know her and create her again. All the works are self-portraits, reflecting my very own feelings as a woman, my social limitations and my freedom of thoughts. In spite of the fact that most of these feelings are due to personal experiences; I guess they can be extended to the general situation of women in Iran and many other countries. How they’re objectified and….

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Posted on August 13, 2013 in My works, painting

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