There is a charge

“There is a charge, for the eyeing of my scars”

There are some traditions in any culture that are supposed to be beautiful. They seem beautiful in abstract; but if you take a closer look you might be seeing awful truths; Things that shake you to your very bone. Theycan’t be justified by today’s human rights and beliefs; and so they can’t be applied in modern life. But as we grew up, watching people around us honoring them, we get used to
them. We are not able to see the consequences anymore.

As for our society these traditions play a certain rule in people’s life. They can change a person’s destiny entirely. For being accepted in the society, sometimes you have to wear a mask; and sometimes this ask becomes a custom that you have to put on for a life time. Then where is reality of you‐self? Where is that person who wanted to conquer the world? All those wishes and dreams are gone in a blink of an ye; all lost! Even you can’t remember that your laughter have the power to thrill the world! You are
not able to smile anymore.

For us Iranians “flower and bird painting” could be a metaphor of such traditions. This kind of painting is not as old as “Negargari”; but they are old enough to be considered a traditional form of Persian painting. The birds in this kind of painting look so innocent that you can’t believe that they might be able to harm a fly!

Drinking blood is not what they are supposed to do; and that is not something that you could see at the first sight. May be it is our fault to forget where should we stand. It is not our place; not in the 21th century. So drink of my guilty blood you pure birds; I am the sacrifice you need for survival. And who I am except an ordinary woman who gave up laughing to win the medallion of chastity; the medallion that would shine forever on the top of my grave.

Posted on August 13, 2013 in My works, painting

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