Blue”, An installation with interactive lighting, by Nikoo, Part of a curatorial project “Garden, Palace, prison and Garden again!” curated by Ali Ettehad, Qasr political prison, Qasr Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2012

waiting for a miracle

waiting for a miracle staged photography by : Nikoo Tarakhani

The Building

The Building 2013 Nikoo Tarkhani

Deaths without burial

Deaths without burial from 2009 to future By Nikoo Tarkhani “You’re dead and my eyes are dry. Forgive me; I guess I have no more tears and death no longer matters to me. Outside there are three hundred lying dead in the grass; and tomorrow I too will be cold and naked without even a…

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There is a charge

“There is a charge, for the eyeing of my scars” There are some traditions in any culture that are supposed to be beautiful. They seem beautiful in abstract; but if you take a closer look you might be seeing awful truths; Things that shake you to your very bone. Theycan’t be justified by today’s human…

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This is not a woman

“I say this woman. Holderlin, Mallarme, and all poets whose theme is the essence of poetry have felt that the act of naming is disquieting and marvelous. A word may give me its meaning, but first it suppresses it. For me to be able to say, “This woman”, I must somehow take her flesh and…

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